Narrative Essay About Christmas Break

“Camryn,” said my mom “time to get up!”
It is two days before Christmas break, and I am really excited to get to school because I heard that our class is getting a new student. All I want is to make seventh grade a blast for her.
I hop out of bed and start getting ready. I make my way downstairs to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. I finish my first golden brown cinnamon roll that had just melted away in my mouth from the frosting and go in for seconds. I look at the time on the brown, circular clock and it’s already 7:45! I forget about the second cinnamon roll and start walking to school.
“Have a good day, honey! Love you!” my mom says as I grab my heavy backpack and head out the door.
“I will! Love you too.” I said back to
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I am ready to get to school to see Brianna again. I get ready quickly, eat a couple buttery waffles for breakfast, and head out the door for the last day of school before Christmas break. I see Brianna sitting at the same table as yesterday, and I go over to sit next to her. I ask her how her first day was and she explains to me how I made it a little easier for her by showing her around.
“What are you doing over Christmas break?” I ask her.
“My family from Chicago is coming here to see our new house, and we are opening presents together. We do not get much during Christmas though; howeverIt’ll just be fun to see my family again.” She explains to me.
“That sounds so fun! My mom brought up the idea of having a sleepover sometime during Christmas break. Would you want to do that?”
“That would be awesome. I’ll ask my mom and dad when I get home.” She says with the biggest smile on her face.
The day goes by fast and I head home when the bell rings. I do my daily routine of homework, some TV, and then to bed I go. The next day is Christmas Eve, and that night we go to church for the candle light service. Turns out, Brianna’s family has decided to come to our church! It is a coincidence to see her there so that our parents can talk about our

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