Narrative Essay About Career Fair

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As a freshmen attending the career fair for the first time it was extremely nerve racking. To prepare, I first had to go buy a business professional suit and a nice portfolio to make sure I looked the part. Next, I went on I link and looked for companies that were interested in freshmen. Then I narrowed the search to companies that had an interest in marketing majors. I then went through those companies and picked the top 10 I was interested in and researched more about them. I even took notes. I made sure to put the notes in my portfolio. The actual day of career fair, I made sure to look over the notes I took on last minute things I needed to remember for career fair. I repeated these steps twice because I went to both days.
My first 5 minutes of career fair was probably the most scared I’ve been since I arrived at UIUC. I went
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After getting the first day over with I felt like I really got to understand the ropes of what to do to succeed the second day. Some things I did well was, I made sure to print a lot of resumes out and I gave them to everyone I spoke to. I also made sure to take notes about each company after I finished speaking to them. Something I could improve on for future career fairs would be to do a lot more research about the companies I hope to speak to. That way during the conversation I can bring in outside knowledge to really impress them. My goal after this career fair is to land at least 2 job shadowing and an internship over the summer.
Things discussed in chapter 2 of YPSG definitely connected to things that I experienced in the business fair. For example, creating energy and likability matter. Recruiters we more interested in talking to you longer if you seemed eager to talk to them and you approached them in a likeable and respectful manner. Also, having an optimistic attitude about career fair the second day really helped improve my experience as explained in the attitude section of

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