Narrative Essay About A Spider

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Spiders are the most atrocious creatures on the planet. The amount of times I came face to face with a spider is unbelievable. I swear, my life flashes before my eyes every time. There was one time in particular where I thought I was going to die; I remember it like it was yesterday. I was surrounded by nothing. It smelled like freshly mowed grass and it felt as hot as an oven. It was the summer of 2014 and my best friend, Lauren, had moved in for a few months. Lauren would visit her grandmother, “Grammy”, every so often for about a week. One day, she invited both of us to stay at her place in Mississippi for the week. At the time, I was up for any possible adventure so of course I said yes in a heartbeat. Within the next two hours, I was …show more content…
You feel as if those few seconds were actually a few minutes. Well my few seconds felt like a few years, not minutes. We drove along the path as normal then there was a sudden jerk. Lauren lost control of the wheel. We ran into a tree. We were stuck. She was screaming bloody murder. Nothing could shut her up. Richie and I, both confused, tried to calm her down. After she had stopped screaming and flailing her arms, she yelled “I drove through a spider web! Don’t tell me to calm down!” She said she was blinded and it covered the entire front of her body. As she was saying this, Richie jumps off the four-wheeler. No. He flies off the four-wheeler. I turn my head quickly and ask what happened. He stares at me and then mutters “spider”. I turn to look at Lauren; she has the same puzzled look as I do. When I turn back to look at Richie, I see it. There is a massive spider hanging from my hair. The spider was stuck in my wet, muddy curls. The huge, long legged, black arachnid was centimeters from my face. It was wiggling its legs- all eight of them. I let out a screech and start swinging my arms and moving my head furiously. About a minute had passed and I finally stopped. The spider was out of my hair but now we could not find it. Was it on the seat? Was it on my back? Was it making its way up the side? Richie ran out of the mud and left us there to die. At least that’s what it felt like. Minutes pass and he comes back ready to haul us out. It took fifteen minutes to get out of that hell hole but we did

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