Narrative Essay About A New Girl

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The New Girl Being a new kid is never fun. I’ve definitely been to more than my fair share of schools, getting bullied at everyone of them for my “gift”. Yes I do realise I 'm “different” some may call me a freak. But little did I know all of that was about to change. This is my story, the story of an average 14 year old girl.
Basically it all started about five years ago in a strange town called Vail. I was about nine, I had been dabbling in an art called Wicca. I was such a foolish child, I didn’t know when to stop. I was talking to my mother Summer Rose (of course she is deceased now). Killed by a creature of Grimm (an animal that feeds off of pain and suffering it will kill at all costs). While she was helping a child that was distressed
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The second sister (Spring) brought him fruits and flowers as well as revolutionising his garden. The third (Summer) Encouraged him to step outside and embrace the world. And finally the fourth (Fall) She encouraged him to be thankful for what he had. The man was so grateful that he gave them each their own gift, great powers for their kindness. They became the embodiments of the seasons. When a maiden dies her/his powers go the the last person they were thinking of, so this caused problems if the maiden was murdered or attacked she/he was likely to think about her …show more content…
I went to turn and talk to Yang, but Yang had already left (no surprise there though). Me being me I flopped onto the ground, crashing into a cart of luggage belonging to one person with the same crest on each one.
“What are you doing you dunce!?” An angry voice next to me thundered.
“Ah! I’m so sorry!” I spat out before I caught my breath.
“Do you know how much damage you could have caused!? Because you could have blown us off the side of this cliff!” The angry teenage girl continued to yell. I caught a glimpse of her, she was wearing a white combat skirt.
“I… uh…” I tried to speak.
“Don’t even talk! Do you know what this is!?” She said while opening one of the cases and shaking a red vial of dust. The unknowing girl just set off my allergies.
“Uh” I muttered.
“This is Dust! Dust, you know fire, ice, water, electricity! Do I need to spell it out?” She continued. “D. U. S. T.” She added. I sneezed. I sneezed flames I also burst a hole in the courtyard of this school. She continued to scold me.
While I was being scolded another girl walked up and the girl dressed in white walked off.
“Hi my name is Ruby!” I said with a grateful tone.
“Blake.” and with that she walked

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