Narrative Essay About A Cruise Ship

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“That’s HUGE!” I exclaimed when I spotted the enormous cruise ship. And let me tell you, finding it was not hard. It seemed to be a mile long, dominating most of the Florida harbor! Excitement rose in my body, pushing through my throat, so consequently, I let out a cry of glee! “Come on, Eli!” mom told me, already walking to security with the rest of my family. “I’m coming!” I shouted, running to her, my bag bouncing in my grip. “Put your bags here and we’ll deliver them to your rooms!” a man said, dressed like a modern day sailor. We had put tags on our bags that were mailed to us, showing the crew what number our rooms are, so they can put them there. After that, we headed through security, then finally got to head to the boat! We walked …show more content…
It was also filled with people wandering around, televisions scattered around, soundlessly showing various networks, while shops were in every corner! There was a souvenir shop, a free dessert shop, a jewelry shop, and even a balloon man in the corner! “Come on, let’s head to our rooms!” Matea impatiently called, hurrying to the elevators. ELEVATORS? IN A BOAT?!?!? My mind was officially blown. We got into an elevator, then pressed the button to go to the floor our rooms were on. The elevator smoothly made a descent, then dinged, and the doors …show more content…
If our room was half as good as the rest of the cruise ship, then it had to be amazing! The door smoothly opened, revealing the inside. It was a lot less glamorous than I expected, compared to the rest of the ship, looking like a simple hotel room, maybe even smaller. It did have a very nice sea-view, though, where you could go through a sliding glass door to see the ocean. Our bags were on the floor, next to the bed. “Kids, me and your dad are going to unpack, so you can play with the toys you brought in your bags!” she told us. “Okay!” we all responded, then flopped on one bed to do our own thing, at least for a while. Mom and dad finally finished unpacking, so they said we could decide where to go next! “Hmm, I just want to explore!” I decided. “I don’t really know what’s here!” Everyone agreed, and we set off. We had walked around a lot of the cruise ship, and saw a ton of amazing things! There were multiple pools, a mini golf course, numerous free restaurants (YAY!), and so much more! This is amazing. How is it even humanly possible?!? Finally, we ended up at the top floor of the cruise ship, and saw our grandpa and grandma there!
“Hello!” I suddenly said, surprised at seeing them. Stopping in my tracks, I asked them, “You’re here too?”
“Yes, of course!” they replied. “So, do you like this ship?”
“How could we not?!” we all

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