Narrative Analysis Of The Incredibles

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Plot of The incredibles:
Storytelling Analysis
The story is set in a world with a lot “Supers”– humans with superpowers. The supers would use their superpower to save the citizens and fight with the crimes. In one of the operation, the biggest fan of Mr. Incredible, Buddy Pine, wants to aid Mr. Incredible and fighting crimes with him with the identity” Incredi-Boy”. Mr. Incredible rejects Buddy’s offer and throw him out of his car.
Buddy has shown his invention to Mr. Incredible to show his talent. However, a bomb is set by a villain Bomb Voyage in the rocket shoe of Buddy. Mr. Incredible save Buddy by removing the bomb which is on Buddy’s shoes. However, It cause the damage of the track and the saving operation of the train. After that, Mr.
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However, in Interstellar, the story started by flashback. The same thing is that their are also using the third person’s view.
In The Incredibles, although I have told that the time setting is different in the introduction and the major story part, it is still a chronological narrative movie. It is an animation which belongs acting movie. However, in Interstellar, this is a narrative story with two places. In Interstellar, the main character even would go to the past and change the history. Interstellar is a science fiction film. It unlike The Incredibles, It contains many scientific theories.
In The Incredibles, the whole story took twenty years, but the major story part may just happen within one year. However, in Interstellar, the whole story took almost ninety years. It is much longer than the time of the story in The Incredibles. The tricky point of Interstellar is that the time is depends on the place of the character, so the time of the story is different for different character unless just using the standard of the Earth.

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