Essay on Narrative Analysis Of ' Nhan Nguyen '

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Nhan Nguyen
1 The narrative used to present a series of events; each event led to other things, and eventually leads to the end with meaning sense. The narrative consists of three parts; the first part used to introduction general to the character and the work, part of body tells of events and the post tells the end of the article. It includes three categories: folk storytelling, daily life storytelling and fictional storytelling. These categories described above through the events. The text of narrative is presented in a particular way: things happen in time, specific location; by a specific movement of character along with causes and result. Through it, the narrator helps explain things, study character, raised the issue and expressed commendation to express ideological criticism that what the narrator wants to express.

2 This novel was written as the mode of autobiographies, which is in the form of original documents. On the other hand, original documents is the one identifying characteristics of the primary source, so this novel is a primary source. Indeed, the Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass is an autobiography on this point; this novel involves a lot of stories about the lives of the slaves whom he knew and other stories that he heard. However, the narrative of the story is often ignored around than focusing on the details of the story. In addition, he often cites a specific incident related to slavery and how they treatment then analyze these incidents.…

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