Personal Narrative: My Uncle Mickey's Family

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There’s so much that I’ve forgotten about that Christmas… I’m not even sure if it was in my uncle Mickey’s current house or the house before that. What I do know is that it was in the top five Christmases I had growing up. We stopped gift giving and celebrating when I was twelve or thirteen; by the time I started high school, we didn’t even put the tree up. Too much damn work to get that thing up and down in a timely manner each year. When I was really little, we left the tree up way into the spring time, ‘til late April or early May, I think. When I got a little older, when it was easier for Mom and Dad to travel with my sister, Sara, and I, we visited Mom’s family during the holidays. Thanksgiving in Baltimore with Aunt Sheila, Aunt Scarlet, Uncle Butch, and Grandma–– Uncle Mickey rarely came to these big family events, probably because Grandma hates his wife Mona’s guts. To be fair, so does everyone.
Uncle Mickey is probably Mom’s favorite sibling–– and my Dad’s least favorite in-law–– he’s the most intellectual and least difficult to be around for extended periods of time. When I was
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She was quiet for another moment, then said “that’s wonderful news! I’ll be sure to tell the girls.” Sara and I were perched on the edge of our seats now; Mom nodded, said goodbye, then hung up. She explained that Santa was just calling to confirm that we were at Uncle Mickey’s house before he and his reindeer took off in their sleigh–– my head nearly exploded with excitement, I wouldn’t be surprised if my heart had stopped for a minute. I remember buzzing all night long and looking through the skylight in the room and praying that Santa would find Uncle Mickey’s house; it was brand new and he didn’t have any kids, how could he even know where it

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