Essay on Narrative 1(Work Experience)

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In order to complete my 2nd professional practice (work experience for University), I worked as an Assistant Administrator Engineer for Ingenieria y Construccion B&L Ltda from January to March, 2006, at the construction of two restaurants, Parrilla Grill, and China Grill at the Plaza Oeste Mall located in Santiago City.

My labour was very variable; I developed the budget, Gantt chart, drinking water and waste water system drawings and supervising installation works. Besides making engineering calculations, and the corresponding Iteming, I had to produce drawings using AutoCAD and also do several other office tasks.

This company was located in Santiago, the capital city of Chile.


The Construction and
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The interior walls were panelled with 15mm plaster cardboard panels N1.11

Picture Nº 1: Metalcon System

I had to review all the

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