Narcotics Anonymous Case Study

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The Perspective: An Outsider Peering into Narcotics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous is an organization helping individuals to seek sobriety and abstinence and carry the message to others still suffering from addiction (Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 2016). The extensive history of the organization and the presence of the organization today tell a story of addicts who have had success with the program and are continuing to receive blessings from sobriety. The success of the organization depends on the individual’s willingness to be a member through to desire to stop using and support one another within the organization (Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc., 1986b). Narcotics Anonymous meetings consist of members joining together
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The meeting was in a downtown building without privacy. I was concerned about the location of the meeting and the anonymity of the members. After walking in, two members greeted me and asked many questions. I told the members, I was a student and I was only there to observe. The facilitator of the meeting demanded I read two of the readings they do at the start of the meeting and handed me the sheets. I was very uncomfortable with this, but agreed after the facilitator was pushy about it. At the meeting there were three individuals, one who arrived ten minutes after the meeting started. The individuals’ ages ranged from 45 years of age to 65 years of age. The facilitator was an African-American male, 55 years of age. After the readings at the beginning of the meeting, the individual members took turns speaking. The facilitator offered me the opportunity to speak, but I kindly declined. The three members spoke like in a conversation, but when one stopped speaking, the other member began speaking introducing him or herself and stating being an addict. One member did not say he was an addict instead he said he was a recovering addict by the grace of …show more content…
He decided one day he did not want to use anymore and has not used since that day. He has been clean six years. He does not want anyone to think he thinks they are better than him and is asked often how he quit and why it was so easy for him. Instead of him focusing on the 12-step-program, he focuses on his will power and inspiring those around him without pressuring them to quit. The man showed vulnerability in the meeting and the Scripture in Matthew reminded me of what he is trying to accomplish through going around the addiction and addicts he has always been around. He is seeking to be the light of hope for these individuals in their dark place of using. Member C stressed his belief in the importance of abstaining from activities and associations with individuals who are still

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