Napoleon 's Influence On The World Essay

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BenWhile many historians highly regard Napoleon, Hitler is met with nothing but contempt. On the surface, these men seem to have taken highly different approaches to their rule; however, they had more in common than one would think. Notable similarities include having been born outside of the countries they late ruled, having begun their rule during a republic that they turned into a dictatorship, and having started their fall from power with a failed attempt at invading Russia; while their views on anti-Semitism differ, they are mostly similar. Napoleon Bonaparte, future ruler of France, was born on the Italian island of Corsica shortly after its acquisition by the French. Renouncing his ties to the Corsican rebels, Napoleon’s father, Carlo, accepted a position for the French as a representative for the Corsican parliament. This job required him to make frequent trips to Versailles, where his lust for wealth and power grew. Wanting the lavish French lifestyle for his children, Carlo sent nine-year-old Napoleon to Brienne, a private French academy. Adolf Hitler, future ruler of Germany, made the pilgrimage to his future homeland much later in life. Adolf was born in Braunau, Austria where he would spend the next eighteen years of his life. After his father’s death, Hitler moved to Vienna in hopes of attending the Vienna Academy of Art; however, his rejection from both the Academy of Art and the School of Architecture left him lost and unsure. He then turned to the German…

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