Essay on Napoleon 's Influence On The Revolution

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Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most influential leaders in France history. He is known for his politics and his military control. His domestic and foreign affairs made him a powerful and strong leader. Napoleon made many reforms in France, which fixed all the problems that caused the revolution in France. The people in France trust him as a worthy leader, because he gave them everything that that they were fighting for it. Napoleon created Concordat of 1801, which contradicted the Civil Constitution of the Clergy. The Civil Constitution Clergy divided the French nation, and Concordat of 1801 reunited them. He also put into play Code Napoleon, a law that helped the personal relationships between the people. Napoleon sold the Louisiana Purchase, one of his well known foreign affairs. The purchase caused France to gain a great deal of money. Napoleon’s political victories were the reforms he made in France, the Concordat of 1801, Code Napoleon and selling the Louisiana Purchase.
Napoleon had made himself a powerful emperor and made many reforms to France. He worked his way to the top and knew what people wanted. Napoleon’s domestic reforms were what made people in France admire him and trust him as emperor. He had set up an education system for the poor and women, and places to train people that would be end up being the future leaders of France. Napoleon created a National Back for France, which was important because it is necessary to have a central bank in a country. One…

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