Essay on Napoleon 's Influence On The French Revolution

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Napoleon Bonaparte was an exceptionally influential political and military leader, and became the first emperor of France. He was born in France in 1769, and started learning military tactics early on, first at a military college, then upgraded to a military academy. He graduated early from the academy, then soon rose to power where his real career began and where he made some good and bad choices. Many people today still have strong opinions on whether or not he was good for France or not.
One side thinks that over the entirety of his career, Napoleon was good for France, and overall made a positive impact. When it comes to his role in ending the French revolution, he reformed the military, politics, and the economy. All of the changes he made eventually helped overthrow the monarchy, which was one of the main goals of the French Revolution. When King Louis XVI was dethroned, a democratic system took over France, which was what they coveted. However, soon it all turned downhill and into shambles, until Napoleon rose to power and stabilized France again. Napoleon did become a dictator, but it was not absolute monarchy because he set many laws and rules and gave rights to people that he actually followed, which absolute monarchs didn’t do, since they thought their actions had no boundaries and didn’t feel the need to follow ant rules or laws. Napoleon also spread the positive aspects of the French Revolution in several ways. One of the goals of the French Revolution was…

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