Napoleon 's Continental System During The Napoleonic Era Essay

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In the Napoleonic Era, life in Europe was drastically different. Revolution in France sparked the rebellious spirit deep within the people of many nations. Under the Emperor’s, Napoleon Bonaparte, control France behaved as a new nation. At its peak she nearly dominated the entirety of the continent, and even stretched her influence into other parts of the world. However, she did have one rival that did not submit as easily as the rest, Britain. In an attempt to break Britain, Napoleon implemented the continental system. Designed to blockade trade against Britain, the Continental System prevented the allies or neutral countries of Europe from trading with Britain, or they would face consequences from Napoleon himself. However, the effects of Napoleon’s Continental System did not hinder England in the ways that Napoleon thought they would. On the contrary, Napoleon’s Continental System forced Britain to reconstruct their laissez faire economic practices forcing them to find more lucrative business ventures, supporting rebellions led to new European allies which increased their influence, and manipulating allies to join their fleet therefore increasing maritime security. Napoleon’s Continental System influenced Britain to be the most powerful nation on the planet in the decades following the fall of the French Emperor from power.
The addition of trade partners in the western hemisphere such as Brazil lead to Britain, creating new trade routes that helped their financial…

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