Essay on Napoleon : The Rise Of Napoleon

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The Rise of Napoleon
At the age of nine, Napoleon Bonaparte was sent to France to train for his military career. Napoleon rose quickly in the ranks during the French revolution. He drove British forces out of the French port of Toulon in December 1793. Bonaparte captured most of northern Italy and continued to defeat the Austrians. Napoleon’s plan to weaken British trade through an Egyptian campaign failed miserably. To prevent word of his defeat spreading, he censored the press. Napoleon’s military success as a general allowed him to overthrow the Directory and establish the Consulate, a three-man governing board. Gradually, he assumed enough power to crown himself the title Emperor of the French. In fact, Napoleon invited the Pope to his crowning, but crowned himself instead. As emperor, he fixed the economy by controlling prices, built new industries, and created roads. To ensure a powerful military and government, Napoleon set up public schools under government watch. Also, the middle class approved of him because he opened jobs based on talent. The reason why we liked him is because of his recognition of peasants’ ownership of land. Napoleonic code, one of his most lasting reforms, included equality of all citizens, religious toleration, and the end of feudalism. Bonaparte also undid some of the reforms of the revolution such as women exercising their rights of citizenship.

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