Essay on Napoleon : The Most Important Man During The 19th Century

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When I think of the 19th century, Napoleon Bonaparte is the first figure to pop into my head. In my vision, Napoleon is the most important man during the century. Beginning his rise to power as a military leader during the French Revolution, Napoleon transformed the French Republic into the First French Empire and became Emperor of France. This man created one of history’s greatest Empires, the Napoleonic code, and indirectly created the Congress of Vienna. These actions would embed Napoleon in Europe’s history forever.
Napoleons actions kicked off the 19th century with the creation of the First French Empire and becoming its Emperor. Created in late 1804, the French Empire went through a series of wars that led it to become the most powerful nation in Europe. Before the Empire’s creation, Napoleon was already gathering power as the First Consul of the Directory. His reforms were so popular with the people, that few questioned him when he decided to become Emperor. Napoleon decided to expand his empire to the rest of Europe. There are few people in history who have won as many victories as Napoleon. His military genius allowed him to win almost every battle. At the empire’s peak, Britain and Russia were the only two major European powers untouched by Napoleon’s Empire (Alexander, 2001, pg. 203). Napoleon created one of the most powerful empires in history and in a short period of time. There are few people who conquered as much as Napoleon.
One of Napoleon’s lasting…

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