Napoleon Is The Best Military Leader Essay

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Many scholars say that Napoleon is one of the best military leaders in history; however Napoleon Bonaparte is the best military leader. Napoleon was able to expand the French territory, with a goal to create one of the largest European empires because he was a military genius and a tactician. If Napoleon were not a genius tactician, he would not have been as successful in battles. Being a tactician was an important trait for Napoleon because it allowed him to continue fighting and winning battles because his army suffered minimum casualties. Following the denouement of the French Revolution, France was in ruins and the citizens were in desperate need of a leader. Napoleon not only stabilized the government in France, but also contributed to France’s rise as a world power.
Napoleon is the best military leader in history because of the way he used his troops. The tactics he used and the troop movement he reinvented allowed him to suffer minimum casualties in all of his victorious battles. On May 10, 1796 the battle of Lodi began. This battle marked to commencement of the Napoleon’s Italian campaign and the victory, “helped to create the Bonaparte legend” (Nicholls 149). During the Battle of Lodi, Napoleon demonstrated his genius on the battlefield. The map (see figure 1) shows the troop movement of Napoleon during his Italian campaign. Napoleon pushed the Italian army all the way to the beach, leaving them nowhere to go. Napoleon surrounded the Italian army in…

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