Napoleon Dynamite Critique Essay

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Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a movie that really has no definite plot Climax or Resolution. It centralizes around a very interesting high school kid named Napoleon Dynamite and his experiences with his family and his two friends Deb and Pedro.

The movie takes place in Idaho, in the present time, although Napoleon and his family seem to dress as if they were a few decades behind. Throughout the movie they are always wearing outdated clothes and don't seem to have any sense of style or color coordination. Weather it be Kip, wearing his tucked in, buttoned up polo's, or Uncle Rico and his form fitting colorful shirts, none of Napoleons family including himself wear anything that seems to match or is up to date. This all
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Even their hairstyles are all very different but still outdated.

Sense almost none of the characters are very famous, the characters in this movie are very believable because you accept them immediately as they present themselves. Some are more underdeveloped than others, but still believable. The majority of the people in this film are white. The movie is chalked full of the character clichés and seems to have one of each; The small, nerdy kid, the bully who takes his money, the jock, and his "blonde" cheerleader girlfriend who is running for class president. The only racial diversity comes in the form of Napoleons friend Pedro Martinez who is Mexican, and Kips online "soul mate" LaFawnduh. Pedro's cousins drive low rider Pontiacs, and LaFawnduh ends up turning Kip black.

What "makes" this movie isn't the plot and the resolution of solving a conflict, it is the subplots, dry humor and perfect timing and execution of the random jokes that fill the movie. The running for class president and Napoleons dance for Pedro's skit seem to be the climax for this movie yet the opportunity to run for class president was only introduced shortly before when Pedro was drinking out of the water fountain at the dance and saw a flier. The weak climax in this movie really has no effect on its impact and what the movie as a whole

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