Napoleon Bonaparte 's Everlasting Impact On Advancing The Ideals Of The French Revolution

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Napoleon Bonaparte 's everlasting impact on advancing the ideals of the French Revolution The French Revolution was a climactic event in history that altered the course of which political, economic and social issues were considered in France and more importantly across the world. The power of the public was established and could no longer be dismissed. Consequently, after such a period France was in turmoil. The condition of the state was weak and entailed for strong leadership and direction, more specifically, it required the likes of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon Bonaparte should be considered as an integral figure of the French Revolution as he made advancements for the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity in France, which continue to have a substantial impact today. To begin with, prior to becoming emperor, Napoleon was a part of the French Consulate as the first consul. During this time he was able to help further the ideal of equality of the French Revolution. Firstly, throughout the course of the Ancien RĂ©gime the social structure was uneven and allotted the majority of power and benefits for the first estate. In contrast, Napoleon announced that he proposed to govern not in the benefit of one group such as Jacobins, Bourgeois, or Royalist, but rather as a representative of the entire nation .This illustrated the fact Napoleon regarded the population of France by the same token. No longer was there one parties interest of concern but the multiple…

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