Nanotechnology : A Science And Engineering Technology Conducted At The Nanoscale

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Nanotechnology is a science and engineering technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is 1 to 100 nanometers, so basically speaking it’s a manipulation or changing in matter. Some people have thought that that this revolutionary science has just been discovered, but it has been discovered ever since the 1950’s , yet the technology had finally called a study of science in the 1980’s paving the way of nanotechnology discoveries and advancements. However, many people are only aware of the capability in the outside world, but not in the medical field and some may speculate that nanotechnology would not affect the medical field. Nanotechnology should change the medical field because it can lead to finding the cure for cancer, growing and forming of new limbs and organs, and can repair an damages inside anyone’s body. One reason why nanotechnology will change the medical field is because it can cure cancer. Cancer is basically when the part of the DNA that is damaged or missing and mutations occur causing tumors around the body. Chemotherapy and anti-cancer drugs do kill cancer cells but they attack white blood cells as well. Currently, there was an introduction of Gene therapy, in which according to Najarula Isalama he stated that the therapy “Disable oncogenes to fuel immune cells to attack cancer cells and down-regulate angiogenesis” (Pg.128). The Second reason that nanotech will change the medical field is because we can grow and get new limbs or organs. T-cells are…

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