Nandos Services Operations Analysis Essay

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LT2012N Leisure and Tourism Services Operations Management
Coursework One – individual report
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Word count: 2, 916 (excluding executive summary, references and bibliography and tables)

NANDO’s Stroud Green, London – service operations management report
Content 1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Introduction 3.0 The service package 4.0 Service people and the service encounter 5.0 Service Processes 6.0 Capacity management 7.0 Conclusion 8.0 Visitations 9.0 References and bibliography 10.0 Appendices

1.0 Executive summary This report gives an overview at the service sector operations management for Nando‟s Stroud Green in London. It is based on information gained from visiting the restaurant on several occasions to
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The service encounter is “a period of time during which a consumer directly interacts with a service” (Shostack 1985 in Clark, G and Johnston, R (2005) and can be either compliant or adaptive. Nando‟s Stroud operations management takes an adaptive approach by aiming at skills of the personnel, promoting innovation, relying on creative discretion, standardising of service process and using long term performance measures. There is constant pressure for the service employees which require them to deliver to certain level of quality and productivity. Customers can cause pressure through unrealistic expectations, incompetence and anxiety. These pressures may lead to issues of motivation, poor customer relationships, anxiety and stress of the staff. Unexpected service failure can cause the service encounter failure as well. The role of management is to train and motivate their employees. The manager should not only attempt to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction but also look after the staff. This involves offering employees an accurate wage for their work, hygienic work conditions and an adequate break on shift as well as a friendly attitude and respect from managers and supervisors. All employees should be encouraged to improve their qualifications. A good team spirit and a high level of motivation should be ensured to provide a satisfactory level of service. At Nando‟s Stroud all these aspects are covered. The management

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