Nameless Killing The King

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Sima Qian is a Chinese historian, he was the Grand Astrologer of Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty. Sima Qian believed that there were much more things important than personal honor. The First Emperor of Qin complete the conquest of China’s independent regions and established the Qin dynasty. The emperor made himself the first ruler of a government controlling all of China. The Qin dynasty lasted for less than 20 years, the Han dynasty that then replaced it kept China together politically for centuries. Even though the character Nameless in the movie Hero died heroically because of his attempt of killing the king he eventually wanted peace for the king. The Qin’s emperor and king was a cruel and supercilious character so the movie and the book …show more content…
The king was presented as a target because Broken Sword and Flying Snow was trying to assassinate him 3 years ago by going through an entire army of his men to get to him. Their attempt failed and they escaped. Nameless presents two swords to the king: the weapon of Flying Snow and Broken Sword. The king didn’t believe that Nameless had killed the Flying Snow or Broken sword being so, Nameless and Flying Snow families were assassinated by the Qin armies which lead to Broken Sword having sympathy for them and not killing the king. Broken Sword didn’t want Nameless to kill the king because Broken didn’t kill the king because Broken Sword understood the king’s goal: to unite the kingdoms “under heaven” and end all wars and suffering in the lands which lead him to writing in the sand “our land” (middle of the Hero). Flying Snow or in other words the evil one wanted the king dead but it didn’t go her way so she kills Broken Sword for ruining her chance to do so through Nameless and kills Broken Sword but then ends up killing herself as well. Nameless attempt to kill the king but didn’t and said “a ruler must know when to use a sword and when to lay it down. A ruler must know when to use a sword and when to lay it down” (ending of Hero). The hero in the movie (which was twist) was Nameless the assassin. He was executed as an assassin but buried as an honored hero (the end of

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