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Company Case/Pepsi : Can a soda really make a world good place? 1. Consider PepsiCo’s advertising throughout its history.( For a List of Pepsi slogans over he years, visit Identify as many commonalities as possible across its various ad campaigns. How is this campaign consistent with PepsiCo’s brand image?

According to our case study campaign advertisement strategy very good in the social media and in the social network ,because at the advertisement PepsiCo use spokesperson which people have popularity. Campaign slogans for the every years explain brand well and attract people. And also campaign projects for ex: “Pepsi Refresh “ make opinion in the people mind that what we drink and
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For my opinion Pepsi Refresh campaign already integrated but Pepsi can make 1 community as a non-profitable organization and to take there smart, active and communicative young peoples which peoples have a creative mind that helps to find equilibrium point with people and it will make easy for Pepsi understand what really need to change and where they must consider first. Advertisement- Any paid of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services but an identified sponsor.
And according to our case study that place celebrities inside a life-sized, three-dimensional laptop made of tagboard, Kevin Bacon appeals to people to vote for his cause, He is quick to point out that this has nothing to do with the cult trivia game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Also we can say Pepsi apply spokespersons for the projects. These celebrities are vying for votes to award grants to such organizations as the Girls Education and Mentoring Service, the American Cancer Society, and the Brain Aneurysm Foundation.
In the same time Pepsi run spot ads on the main networks in 30 different channels. That is great because it makes everyone have more chance to reach Pepsi.

Sales Promotion- Short-term incentives to encourage the purchase of sale of a product or service. There are included a various type of tools (coupons, contests, cent-off deals, and premiums). And it must be

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