Myths Of Many Cultures Of Ireland Essays

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1.The myths of many cultures depict a deprived or insulted fertility god whose anger must be appeased or a heroic god who restores fertility by negotiation with that god or by combating a monster or offering a ritualistic sacrifice. How are the "additions" to Ireland different? Why might the ages of Ireland depict this series of often "divine" invaders battling for control of Ireland while they bring resources and add to the fertility of the land of Eriu?
The additions to Ireland are different because Ériu is Ireland. She is the land and heart of the earth, and in many ways very similar to Gaia, the Greek goddess of earth. Also, the Celts were invaded many times, and with each invasion, the culture, and traditions would change. With this constant change, Ireland was able to adapt to many of these new ideas, and incorporate them into their main belief system. The Tuatha Dé Danann and the Milesians were the early people before Ireland came into her own. These “invaders” each brought a new resource that changes Ireland for the better overall. If in fact these attackers left Ireland with less resources instead of enriching the lands the mythology would be different.

2. How is Beowulf 's relationship to Hrothgar in the first part of the epic similar to that of Wiglaf 's relationship to Beowulf in the second part? How is Beowulf different from Wiglaf as a young man and different from Hrothgar as an old man?

3. Arthur ignores the love affair between Guinevere and Lancelot until…

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