Myths of Aging Essay examples

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Myths of Aging

Leslie L. Sanderford


Instructor Peggy Allen

June 13, 2011

Largest among the growing populations is the age group 65 and older. This course required us to complete Dr. Woolf’s myths of aging quiz. This quiz has 25 questions all about aging issues. In our textbook, “Adult Development and Aging,” Cavanaugh and Blanchard-Fields (2011) state, “Everyone does not grow old in the same way. Whereas most people tend to show usual patterns of aging that reflect the typical, or normative, changes with age, other people show highly successful aging in which few signs of change occur” (p. 16). An analysis of Dr. Woolf’s myths of aging quiz will show several different areas to consider in regards to the
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An example of ageism against the young would be being told that since you are young you are inexperienced, immature, uneducated. An example for the ageing would be being told that you old-fashioned, feeble, behind the times, not important. As we all know both of these examples couldn’t be further from the truth. The myth that chronological age is the most important determinant of someone’s age is everywhere in our society these days. All one has to do is turn on the TV or flip through a magazine. How many commercials are there for “age defying” creams, or magazine articles on how to stay young as we age? Society is focused on staying young. I find it very interesting that this will perpetuate the myth that “old people”, because of their chronological age, are helpless, worthless, individuals, and also ugly. I have several personal observations and reasons to believe that the True/False answers on the Myths of Aging quiz aren’t quite accurate. Reason number one being that the COO of the social services agency I work for is 72 years old; this is his third career, to look at him one would guess him to be early 60’s he is in such exceptional shape. Many people do not know that he has specialized military training from his previous career and could and has literally killed people with his bear hands. Unless you know that about him, you wouldn’t guess that aggression has been a part of his personality, or of his current age. My mother-in-law and

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