Myths Are Been Around For Many Years, And Generations Essay

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Exploring Mythology
Myths have been around for many years, and generations. In fact myths have been around since man learned to speak. Some famous myths are still well known around the world like Santa Claus, or Zeus the Greek god of the sky. There are different kinds of myths some can be about heroes, gods, or kings, and honesty a myth can be about anything, or anyone it just has to get popular, so people would retell it for generations.
One very well known myth, is the story of the Greek god Zeus. Zeus it the god of the sky, and rules over Olympus. Zeus is usually seen with a lighting bolt, and that is probably why his symbol is the lightning bolt. Zeus is known for being the king of all greek gods. Zeus story is different, because there are so many myths, or stories out there about him. Most of them start with the birth of Zeus, and then it gets weird because Zeus 's dad (Cronus) ate him with his brothers, and sisters. So Zeus then has to fight his own dad to save his brothers, and his sisters. Long story short Zeus beats his dad, and sent him into a pit with the titans. After that he got the rest of his brothers and sisters out, so they could help rule over the world with him. The legend, then goes about his love life, and his many other adventures.
If the name Odysseus rings a bell you might of heard of him. Odysseus and the Cyclops are one of the most well known Greek myths. Odysseus is known for his story in the Trojan War. It wasn 't even the war that was so…

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