Myths And Religion Of The Existence Of Earth And All The Living And Non Living Life

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Myths and Religion
The start of the existence of Earth and all the living and non-living life is formed into a variety of stories from different groups across the world. Many constantly wonder of the origins of how people came to be and the purposes that individuals hold. Paul Tillich, a Lutheran theologian, believed that secular and religious man are both deeply rooted in religion through ultimate concern and it is in the depth of the spiritual life that it provides substance, ultimate meaning, judgement, and creative courage. Ultimate concern is capable of manifesting itself into multiple dimensions of an individual. Even though one can be religious through ultimate concern, one still may be concerned and questioning over what influences their beliefs and what may be influencing what one believes their purpose is. Myths give people a basis of their culture and where they come from. It also presents answers to questions about origins or beginnings. Myths from different groups and places can differ but there can be qualities that myths share. These qualities that we share provides assurance that even though people are dissimilar from where they come from and what is experienced from daily secular activities, myths shared connect people by revealing that origins are similar in specific aspects of the stories. Comparing myths like The Making of the World and Genesis I and II have demonstrated how these two myths that derive from two different groups of beliefs…

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