Mythology: Mormonism And Christianity

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MYTHOLOGY People say that history repeats itself. In this paper, we will see that this is very true. Most mythologies have roots in other mythologies and links to things like politics or nature. All of Japanese mythology has a link to the government, but it also has Buddhism in some parts, which came from India. Christianity has links to a lot of other mythology. Most mythologies are linked to other past mythologies. In this paper, I will talk about where these mythologies are from, some of the links, and the differences all the mythologies have. Buddhism came from India. It was started by Siddartha Gautamam who was born in 563B.C. (Richard Cavendish) He practiced heavy fasting to the point where he couldn’t walk and eventually died of starvation. …show more content…
Christianity has free salvation. You don’t have to earn it as long as you accept the lord inside of you. In Mormonism, the salvation has to be earned. You don’t just get it, you have to work for it, but it is thought of as good to have to work for it, because you are paying god back. Also the way in which people are told to believe is different. Mormons know that their religious belief isn’t one hundred percent. Christians believe that they have to completely and wholly believe that their religion is full proof to get to heaven. Mormons also believe that if they follow the Mormon teachings well enough and long enough, then they can achieve godhood. Christians believe that there is only one true god and that they are not holy enough to be gods themselves. Mormons don’t believe in original sin. This makes it hard for them to understand why Jesus had to die. Christians believe that when Jesus died, all people would be born into sin and must accept Jesus to be cleansed of that sin. Mormons also believe that god has a physical body. Christians believe the complete opposite of this. They believe god is only a spirit and you can never actually see his form, or you will die

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