Essay about Mythology Midterm

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Compare any two myths from different regions; focus on similarities with epic heroes or similar creation myths. I’m going to compare the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation myth to the Creation of Titans and the Gods, the Greek creation myth. The first similarity between the two is pretty obvious; they are both creation myths. All of the gods in both myths are related to some part of the naturalness of the earth. For instance, god of the sky (Zeus, Anu), god of the waters (Apsu, Tiamat, Poseidon), ETC. In both myths the storyline as a whole is the same, the details are what differ. The fathers are afraid of their children overthrowing them. Each father devises a plan to rid themselves of the threat by getting rid of the children. …show more content…
The Hindu myths are very different from those of Greece because their country was invaded and so their myths represent a number of different cultures. The climate of these two arenot very different therefore I don’t believe it has any influence of the creations. Examine any epic hero of your choice; discuss your personal likes and/or dislikes in regards to his character or moral code. Can anything be learned from the hero?

Zeus was the sixth and most powerful child born to Cronusand Rhea. After overthrowing his father he became the supreme god of Olympus. Zeus was known by many titles such as lord of the sky, the rain-god, Zeus the thunderer, etc… He was the guardian of political order and peace, and was a very mighty, glorious, and wise god. Zeus was different from other gods in that he didn’t participate in the arguments and petty schemes that made up the daily activities of other gods. He did, however, demand just and righteous action from men, and if his demands weren’t meant he would be very vengeful. Although Zeus was pretty glorious in most things, the power or Eros – love, got him in a lot of trouble with his wife. He had many affairs & was never faithful at all to Hera, which did not please her one bit. Zeus is one of my personal favorites out of all the gods. In my opinion, he has many more positive characteristics than he does negative. I think that he is for the most part very

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