Mythology In Egyptian Mythology

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Register to read the introduction… Myths are stories that are told to explain and describe the mysteries of nature. Such stories are intended to help us with an understanding of the world that surrounds us. Each culture thus has their own mythology that reflects their understanding of the world around them. Egyptians were no different and told their myth from the Memphis and …show more content…
This can be correlated from Memphite theology where Ptah creates the universe using his heart and his tongue. By saying the name of all things he brings them into being and this is how he creates the other gods. According to K.M.Jonsson the theology of Ptah seems to suggest a synthesis of the mind and the material world, as the action of the heart and the tongue dictates the movement of the bodily limbs.
The shap of the pyramids which are an intergral part in the egyptian culture also occupies an itegral part in from the one the myths. How the shap came about was that Ra who created himself had no place to stand and so he came into being as a hilllock to support himself. This primeval hill, the first mound of dry land, named benben, occupied an important position in the Egyptian mythology. It is the
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The flooding of river brings excellent, fresh soil up onto the land. This soil is perfect for planting rice and other grains. The Nile also provides them with a chance to practice fishing. The Nile also offer protection from attack. People with the intent to invade Egypt would have to first cross the river, which is very large. Any attacker who crosses the river is likely to be tired midway. Another important way that the Nile helps the ancient Egyptians is in trade. Goods come in to and out of Egypt down and up the Nile.
The nile river basically engulfs almost every life aspect for the Egyptians, and it was the origin for the creation of the gods. These Gods have been accredited with many diverse titles, god of agriculture, Nile flood controller, god of fertility, God of the dead, and god of the underworld, and the rising and setting of the sun. All of these gods control life, death, and rebirth making sure that the Egyptians live a smooth life both on earth and in the

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