Mythical Creatures Short Story

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I didn't generally like my job because I always had to keep it secret. I was sitting in my office secretly watching all of the magical creatures because they got startled easily if they saw somebody watching them. I always thought my office was pretty plain. It had one of those windows where you could see whatever is on the other side of the window but they couldn't see you. I just sat in my spinning chair and looked out the windows. I couldn't help but look at the mythical creatures because they were just so mesmerizing.

I saw fairies flying in and out of the Willow tree as they always did. As I turned my head I saw much more mythical creatures. I saw the cute little gnomes protecting everyone and everything around them. I loved
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So I just nodded and left to go feed the other mythical creatures. It killed me to feed them. We couldn't keep the happy and nice mythical creatures with the mean and selfish ones. When we first decided to take care of all of the mythical creatures and put them in a magical Zoo 5 years ago we didn't want them to hurt each other, so we separated them both. As I went down the hall I saw them through a window. I was disgusted at the image. I saw our big dragon called Darion burn everything with his nasty dragon breath as he always did. His yellow eyes scared me. It was like every time I looked at them they stared into my soul. I saw those nasty trolls hiding under the bridge waiting for someone to walk over it so that they could say something dumb to them. They were the most hideous thing on earth. Their faces were wrinkled up and they had the hugest nose on earth that covered most of their face. I suddenly saw a big tree fall down and I already knew who it was. It was Oliver the Ogre. His hobby was to knock down trees. Out of nowhere the leprechaun named Greedy gave me the starriest smile ever on the other side of the window. He had crooked brown teeth that were rotting and I wouldn't necessarily call them pearly whites. He looked at me even harder and was about to tell me

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