Myth Of Multitasking Essay

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I believe it's human nature to try and multitask all the time but, concurring this urge is much more important. A new business owner might think to get as many customers and accounts as possible, and as quick as possible but if they do not posses the materials and manpower to get the job done they will be out of business before the first job is completed. In the article The Myth of Multitasking Christine Rosen quotes a letter by Lord Chesterfield offering this advice to his son: “There is time enough for everything in the course of the day, if you do but one thing at once, but there is not time enough in the year, if you will do two things at a time.”
In some way every task is a multitask. While driving a car you must check your speed, watch for obstructions and be cognisant of other traffic but if you introduce a cell phone
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Writing a newspaper is one big accomplishment that would be quite daunting for one to do by the themselves, but when many journalists write individual pieces the goal is easily obtainable. All must consider that they need help to be a successful member it in our society. While one can “metatask” they can’t do it all. A boss must delegate jobs to workers and have trust the job will be done. With this being said many people can’t trust others and begin to micromanage and delay completion. These people simply should not be in-charge because in today’s world time is money. A profitable company will be multitasking but its workers will be monotasking. There is no definitive answer to multitasking VS monotasking, but there is a definitive answer to productivity. Depending on the task at hand you might need to multitask but you must remain focussed on the goal. If you think of the world as an organism and the humans as the individual cells then it could be said that “one” may monotask as “we” multitask. Life itself is a multitask but I believe it takes a village to get the job done not a

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