Myth Of Individual Opportunity On Specific Boundaries Essay

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Myth of Individual Opportunity on Specific boundaries
An opportunity is something that humans have to earn. People are born into poverty or into a rich family. You might be black. You might be white. According to Guardian Newspaper, “ ...poor white Americans are more likely to reap the benefits of living near areas with better resources and higher incomes, while poor black Americans tend to live in relatively isolated inner-city neighborhoods.” Some believe individual opportunity is not real but they are incorrect. Individual opportunity is not a myth because no matter where you live, how much money you make, or what your education level is, a person can be successful.
According to, “While its population is tiny, East St. Louis ranks at #1 with the highest murder rate: 0.86 murders per thousand residents, approximately twenty one times the national average.” There are still ways to push yourself to be successful. Huffington Post writes, “In low-income neighborhoods there is one book per every 300 children.” The kids that receive no resources are going to have way more trouble trying to be successful if they don not have the right materials inside the home, neighborhood, or even the school. Many students do not make it far, but that is not because of a lack of supplies; it is because they do not get the support they need from the higher authority. Students choose to quit because they feel as if they are not loved by others. These students are so struck…

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