Myth Analysis: The Story Of Re. Re's Creation

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My myth analysis focuses on a mythological story derived from the ancient Egyptian culture, it is the story of Re. Re was a major god in ancient Egyptian mythology who was made synonymous with the midday sun, he was considered the creator of all things on earth and also other gods who are considered lesser than him such as Isis, Osiris, Etc. The story that I have chosen to analyze about he starts with his creation which was spontaneously out of the darkness came a shining egg and from the egg arose Re. This spontaneous creation shows very strongly the culture 's belief in mysticism which is only proved further as the story goes on as well as many other mythological stories rooted in ancient Egyptian history. Re possessed magical abilities …show more content…
It was very important that his name not be discovered because if someone else had this knowledge they would then have his power and along with it his right to rule because without his god status he would not be fit to be the pharaoh of Egypt any longer. Much like the creation story in the genesis area of the bible which tells not how God came to be but how he created the earth and everything on it purely threw speech, in this story it is told that Re also created all things in the world by use of words and no actually manual effort. After the creation of men and women which was the last thing that was created Re transformed himself into human form and ruled as the pharaoh of Egypt for thousands of years however in his human form he aged and started to become old. As Re started to age and became old and feeble in his human form his subjects started to lose respect for him they mocked him openly and disobeyed his law. Because of their blatant disregard of the law that the creator has made and set upon them he sent destruction threw Egypt in the form of his daughter the Goddess

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