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Running Head: MySQL


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Running Head: MySQL


Abstract MySQL is basically an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is moderately well-known for light-weight website application programs. Over the last few decades, the software tool has also included various functionalities which let it to be adopted for larger company resources. This document will provide a brief introduction to the particular software tool. MySQL does not possess as many functions as PostgreSQL, and majority of the more innovative functions are not as mature as well. Though, the software programmer would expect it to work considerably better than due to its thread-based architecture
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Benefits and Limitations of MySQL Benefits of MySQL: Some important benefits of MySQL are as follows.  Performance: o Multi-threaded Architecture: Several clients of MySQL have simultaneous access. o Query Cache: Store the results of various common queries.  Ease of use: o MySQL has a command-line interface. o Major graphical tools of MySQL are web/desktop based.  Multi-user Support: o Several clients have a parallel access to single or multiple databases concurrently. o Flexible, powerful and efficient user privilege system. o MySQL possesses a user and host-based verification schemes.

Running Head: MySQL


Consistency, Reliability and Scalability: o MySQL can be successfully adopted for databases containing almost 50 million data records (Chervenak et al, 2004). o Organizations that use MySQL consist of Google, NASA and Yahoo etc.

Portability: o MySQL is portable to UNIX or Non-UNIX Platforms. It is best suitable with MS windows, Linux and Solaris etc.

Internationalization: o MySQL provides a support for numerous character sets and languages.

Wide Application Support: o MySQL offers a wide range of database driven software programs for web and desktop. o MySQL have already developed APIs for C/C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, Perl etc.

Stored Programs: o MySQL has

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