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The short story written by Waqar Ahmed is about a foreigner taxi driver, called Nadeem Riaz. Nadeem has emigrated from Pakistan to America. The life is very difficult in America when you are immigrant and have a green card. The cops are looking extra after you so you can trip up. His taxi friend told him about the Pakistan people how they are when their families are leave to Pakistan on holiday. They are going to drink behind them. One Night he is picking a young guy and a young girl up. The young guy is recognizing that Nadeem is also from Pakistan as him and therefore he is calling him “Uncle Nadeem”. His name is Faisal. Nadeem do not Faisal’s tribal civility. After the girl is getting out from the taxi Faisal and Nadeem have a …show more content…
You worry what will become of your kids when they grow up in this culture, and that you better save enough to move back…” Nadeem is partly agreed with what Faisals point. Because it is true I do not want to live in this country. He just wants to save money and then go back to his own country. He is scared about his children further. He do not want to have his children should be like Faisal.
The culture clashes are very typically in western countries. There came a lot of foreigners to the west and it can be very difficult to be brought up in a different culture and then immigrate to a country with a culture there are so far from your own. You are not going to have the best job. It would typical be a hardworking job as taxi driver. If we look for the short story “The Right Passengers” from Waqar Ahmed, it is a very good example for: an immigrant foreigner and a young foreigner their parents maybe have immigrate. First of all we are hearing about how difficult it is for the taxi driver Nadeem Riaz. It is says in the text:” … but those cops that follow him for no reason, probably just trying to make their monthly quota of tickets –following hi, through three neighborhoods, waiting for him to trip up …” that seems how unwelcome they feel. It could be a reason for why people do not feel comfortable and when u are scarred to do something wrong, it is easy to do something wrong.
If we look for, the young guy Faisal from the text. He would be a

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