Essay about Myself And Many Fellow Christians

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Myself and many fellow Christians can closely understand what Piper means. Any reader studying in the book of Romans feels a sense of inner revival, assurance, and strengthening of their relationship with God. In particular, chapter eight stands out. This chapter does so much to describe and pronounce God’s goodness and love, and packs these with many indescribably amazing truths. When I read this chapter its message seems to travel to the depths of my soul. It tells us of life through the spirit, present suffering and future glory, and how we are more than conquerors through Christ. The flow of thought, the firm and reassuring tone, the promise of never being separated from the love of God all come together in this passage to tell us these potent Biblical truths.
Romans Eight’s historical context helps us understand more about the passage. In the book Paul addresses the Romans. The reason why this passage expositions the gospel so coherently lies in when Paul wrote this address. Some consider Romans a collaboration of thought after all the past writings. The declaration of truth style writing found in the passage can be attributed to the Roman audience being accustomed to such form of address. Paul’s use of this tone especially instills a sense of substantiality. Chapter Eight in particular stands out to many because it sticks out as a beacon of light. It describes God’s love, His promises to his people, and ignites the suffering with hope. When I was a small child I…

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