Myocardial Infarctions On Women 's Signs And Symptoms Essay

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Globally and within the United States, myocardial infarctions are a concerning health problem. There is work being done to prevent and catch myocardial infarctions early, such as studying the influenza vaccine for prevention, and the Million Hearts Initiative. There can be a reduction in the number of myocardial infarctions occurring every year, through the proper teaching by and to providers, interventions to reduce the risk of having a myocardial infarction, and by researching new preventive measures such as the influenza vaccine. Focus has also been made by some organizations to learn and increase teaching on women’s signs and symptoms, especially women under the age of 55 (Izadnegahdar et al., 2014). It is estimated that 1 of every 2.9 deaths is due to heart disease (Crumlish & Magel, 2011).
Myocardial infarctions and cardiovascular events continue to be a leading cause of not only death but impairment as well for both men and women (Davis & Wright, 2012). According to Lewis, Dirkson, Heitkmaper and Bucher, a myocardial infarction is defined as the result of persistent ischemia that causes myocardial death at the cellular level that cannot be undone (2014). There are different levels of damage that can be done during a myocardial infarction, ranging from barely having a negative effect on the patient, to death. Davis and Wright include that every 39 seconds an individual in the United States passes away from a heart attack or a stroke (2012). The term heart attack…

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