Myers-Briggs As A Test Indicator Essay

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"It is up to each person to recognize his or her true preferences." -- Isabel Briggs Myers. One of the best quotes given to explain this notorious test indicator. MBTI as it’s also referred to as well, it’s more or rather acronym as one must say. This indicator stands for the principles of a basic personality test to see which and what categories one might fall in when thinking about applying for college, jobs, and just trying to find out who they might be. Myers-Briggs was constructed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers, which was based out of the theory that Carl Jung had proposed. His theory was on the 4 principle psychological functions that human beings experience in the world: Sensation, Intuition, Feeling, and Thinking; these experiences that we as humans face are rather revived in to the Myers-Briggs Indicator by asking questions such as, “Do you feel this way or this way on animal shelters”, type thing. This personality test was more or rather focused on to see if humans really do focus on one or all basic human experiences, which one they …show more content…
Certainly against men and women if its bias towards, it must be discriminatory to race groups. Since this test does include a higher level of education for language and comprehensive material, not all cultures receive that luxury. So for those who only go to school till 8th grade, they have only learned so much and haven’t yet matured in a massive time frame. The test also does involve how the writers thought about certain minorities and such, but what about mental disabilities as well, we can’t leave those out, if there are too much of comprehensive words and it’s a timed test, those who have a mental disability or don’t have the proper education level will most likely fail and not get more accurate answers compared to how they would if they truly did understand and knew what was going on (Aldridge,

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