Myers Briggs Personality Assessment For Obtaining My Personality Type And Evaluate The Validity Of The Results

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The purpose of this project is to utilize the results generated by the Myers-Briggs Personality assessment to obtain my personality type and evaluate the validity of the results. Given the personality type of ESFJ with a temperament of SJ, I am given the title “The Caregiver” meaning I am externally motivated with a desire to help others. Being an extrovert, I thrive in social environments. As an ESFJ, facts and details are imperative to properly understand and execute directions. I often react to my feelings in the moment rather than evaluating the situation which can result in being easily agitated with an inability to be discrete about my frustration. As a judging trait, I prefer structure, organization and completing tasks. I like things done a certain way and will get anxious if there is disorder. Personality tests are great tools to learn about not only about my behavior, but to understand those of others. Understanding various personalities will make me more accepting and limit miscommunication in the workplace. Often avoiding conflict to limit hurting myself and others has resulted in a lack of assertiveness as an employee. Living in a society of an endowment of diversity, understanding the various numerous types of behaviors assists is being more accepting and less critical of others that do not hold the same values.

Project 1
Step 1
ESFJ (Temperament SJ) ESFJ personalities are externally motivated and thrive in a social environment. “As an ESFJ, your primary…

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