My Youth Ministry Podcast ' The Longer Haul ' Essay examples

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A few months ago I appeared on the fantastic youth ministry podcast 'The Longer Haul ' to talk about ministering to introverted students. This is an issue that keeps coming up, and I think represents one of the fundamental missteps youth ministry can take.

For those of us who prefer reading to listening, I 've taken some of my key thoughts from the podcast and written them up here as notes. Enjoy!

The Extrovert Epidemic

Much of our youth ministry is focused towards the extrovert, which follows a cultural pattern of being driven towards them too. Our school rooms and classes, for instance, are geared towards controlling and regulating the extrovert by putting them in rows, or engaging and energising the extrovert by pushing group discussions and activities. Also, modern offices are moving towards more open plan layouts, creative, instantaneous planning sessions, and group enterprises.

In youth work we 're very adept at running youth work projects and particularity events; "everybody jump or I 'll squirt you with this water pistol!" But it even exists in our naturally quieter, small group ministry, "everybody go round and tell us something interesting about yourself."

This creates a subliminal constant message that the introvert is not as able as the extrovert.

Jody pointed out in the interview that often youth ministries take on the character of their leader. Very true! There are of course many extroverted youth workers, especially new or younger youth workers.…

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