My Years Old I Went Into Foster Care Essay

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When I was five years old I went into foster care. In the course of about a year I had been through about four different homes. It was a hard time especially at such a young age. I often think back to the time and see how my life has changed so much from it. My brother was only three at the time so he doesn’t have much memory of it, however I do. I have vivid memories of the house I lived in and some of the things that happened in it. I remember the multiple houses I went through and the things I suffered through. Throughout the year that I was in foster care I experienced a lot of physical and verbal abuse due to incidents that weren’t even my fault. Most of the families had actual children, so my brother and I seemed like outsiders and it showed. However, towards the end of that year I was moved a new home and it turned out to be my last.
The foster parents that took me and my brother in already had three other children in the house that were also foster children. Due to the all the problems I had already faced within the year prior, I distanced myself from the people that took me in expecting the same treatment. One of the ways that the dad tried to bond with me was by taking me hunting. The first time I went hunting we woke up at 4am and it was extremely cold outside. Nothing was awake and as we walked through the woods to the stand, he explained why we needed to be up that early. The first thing he ever told me was “Always be in the stand before the deer wake up and…

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