My Year Of High School Essay

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In my freshmen year of high school I tried to be a rapper, because my cousin was also trying to become one. It didn’t turn out too well, I’m just glad I didn’t decide to show anyone any of the stuff I wrote. After that I wanted to be a so called “band kid.” I actually really liked learning to play music. I took three semesters of guitar and chorus, and one semester of piano. I really like to sing now, but I’m not great at it. If I could chose to have any talent in the world it would probably be singing.
Middle school up through sophomore year of high school was hell. Dealing with puberty, drama with friends, the opposite sex, and the increasingly hard classes, was exhausting. My favorite teacher in high school was my Spanish teacher, Ms. Henderson. She was this little, sweet, El Salvadorian women who was like my school mom. I had her every year of high school. My favorite classes in high school were probably either woodworking or study hall. Study hall was especially my favorite in my senior year because I had most of the classes I needed already done so I would sit there and catch up on my favorite television shows, with the iPads the school gave us. Some of the television shows I would watch included Avatar the Last Airbender, Full Mental Alchemist, and Adventure Time.
I had a lot of friends in high school but my best friends were Allie, Chris, Liz, Jordan, Abby, and Gino. Through all of my friendships in high school, especially the ones that didn’t quite make it, I…

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