My Year At St. John 's University Essay

2404 Words Sep 6th, 2016 null Page
In preparation last year, for my freshman year at St. John 's University, I was filled with anxiety: the kind that fills you with anticipation, but also leaves you imagining the worst. I was excited to immerse myself into my courses, and gain enlightenment, and satisfied my curiosity. I was looking forward to meeting my professors, who I expected to fully sate my hunger to learn, and also leave me wanting to further investigate my passions, both known and unknown. Not to mention, I would be studying in New York - a bustling place, characteristically different, and refreshing compared to my home state of Maryland. I was faced with an opportunity to surround myself with different minds and cultures, and hopefully grow as an individual, from all that I would experience, and hopefully coming into my own. However, secretly on the inside, I was fearful about not being capable of performing as well as I needed to in my classes, especially since I immensely struggled with my AP courses during my senior year high school. When I felt like others were quick to comprehend something that I struggled to grasp, I would quickly become discouraged and lose confidence in whatever knowledge I thought I possessed; this became an unhealthy habit. It led to me speaking up less frequently in class, as to avoid looking foolish for incorrectly answering a question that would be deemed as ridiculously easy, by my peers. I would mentally punch myself over and over again because I felt…

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