Essay on My Year At High School

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Calm, cool, and chill moments all add up to days I am incredibly grateful for. I am given the choice to hang out with friends, go to new places, and experience new activities. I have the full twenty four hours of the day to do what pleases me. I have no worries about essays over topics I don’t care about, math tests that I know I won’t pass, and quizzes over a foreign language that I’ll never use. I always say to myself, “I’m never going back to school” or “Mom; I don’t need to go to school.” Unfortunately the law, and my mother, won’t let this happen so I am forced into another year at high school. Although the long days are enjoyed and there are no worries, this break causes a loss of interest in learning for the next year. This relates to the feeling of a high school graduate who wants to take a gap year before they attend college. Taking a gap year is not a good idea for students straight out of high school.
Initially, a gap year is not a good idea because much information is lost or forgotten in those 365 days. In the summer I am only away from school for 3 months and am prone to forgetting everything I had learned in that previous year. For example, the first day of school this year I had a pretest in every class. Each test I took I would stare at blankly with no remembrance of what I had learned in the past. This is how a student taking a year off would be going into their college classes; most information would be lost. “They [gap years] are self-indulgent and an…

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