Essay on My Year At Claremont Academy

1226 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
I have come to the realization that throughout these four high school years, my ways of thinking have changed. When I began my freshmen year at Claremont Academy, many teachers constantly told me that I “could change the world and my community”, but I only thought they said it to only inspire their students. I was raised in a Christian home, where I was taught that my job was to also change my environment through helping others. I did not come to that time in my life, where I believed those statements to be true, until my last years in high school. As the years progressed, I became very involved in my community through different community groups and programs, and I learned that what my teachers would repeatedly tell me throughout the years was true. To begin, I joined programs such as the Worcester Rising Civic Academy and Congressman McGovern’s Congressional Youth Cabinet during my junior year. I also met people with high held positions in the city of Worcester. For the first time I actually realized that even though I am very young, my opinion and voice mattered. We discussed a broad list of issues occurring in my community that I did not think were so relevant such as hunger, climate change, immigration/refugees, and voter registration. Not only did we, the students, talk about these topics, but we were able to propose a solution to people who could possibly implement it. One day, I arrived to WPI ready for my first ever Congressional Youth Cabinet gathering. A…

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