Essay about My Year After High School

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What to do after high school is one of the biggest choices a person will make in their life. This one decision will affect many different aspects of life. For me, I have decided that I want to spend my years after high school going to college to hopefully one day become a doctor. This process will be very long but I am dedicated to accomplishing my goals. Picking the right college for me is essential in me accomplishing these goals. I have narrowed it down to three colleges to choose from: Whitworth University, OSU, and Northwest University.

Whitworth University Whitworth University is located in Spokane, Washington and has a gorgeous 200 acre campus. In the past few years, they have spent $110 million in expanding their campus in areas such as: rec center, dining hall, science hall, and intramural sports field. It was established in 1890 and has focused on their mission of “an education of mind and heart" ever since. Whitworth is considered by many to be one of the best regional university in the West. It has 2,685 students currently enrolled, with 306 graduate students. There are 157 full-time faculty members with an 11:1 student to faculty ratio. 83% of the classes at Whitworth have less than 30 students making excellent class sizes suitable for my learning. 43% of the graduating students participated in study abroad. I plan to minor in the Spanish language and spending a semester studying abroad would be a very educational and exciting experience for me. 85% of…

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