Essay about My Writing Style Lacks Spontaneity

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My Writing Style Lacks Spontaneity
The given assignment for today’s paper is for me to break down and attempt to describe the thoughts I put into my particular writing process. Additionally I have been tasked to include within the essay any additional thoughts and / or opinions I have about both the effectiveness of my writing as well as possible ways I may be able to improve upon it. Now while some would find this a simple task and have no problems simply sitting down, hammering away at the keyboard and turning in their masterpiece, for me it is not that easy. In fact, since receiving this assignment, I have been mulling over mental outline after mental outline as well as all of the different arguments, pro or con, that I might make. It is for these reasons I believe one fault that could be pointed out in my writing process is the lack of spontaneity.
Breaking down my own personal writing process to the most basic of levels has shown me that the first step in the whole process boils down to a need to communicate in some written fashion with either myself or another person. This makes perfect sense right? Without that most basic need to pass on non-verbal information what is the purpose of writing at all? Whether the information needed to be shared was technical in nature like an instruction manual, personal in nature as were the love notes written to my wife during my courtship of her, systematic as the grocery lists I write in specific order of the particular layout…

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