My Writing Strength Is The Effectiveness Of Coming Up With Ideas

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I think my writing strength is the effectiveness of coming up with ideas. I have various challenges when it comes to sentence fluency and the overall organization of the paper. Since English is my second language, I tend to do run on sentences and excessive usage of comas. For the semester, I would like to improve on my sentence fluency, organization and the correct usage of punctuation marks. I plan on achieving this by utilizing my resources. Meaning going to the writing center and asking for help. It is extremely important for social workers to be organized in the reports and to use good punctuation marks to ease the reader. I will use good time management that way I don’t end up plagiarizing. Upon completing this course, I want to be comfortable writing in APA style, with the correct usage of sentence fluency.
Keywords: strength, organization, punctuation, fluency

My Writing Strengths and Weaknesses
I think my current strengths related to writing are coming up with ideas. I like to pick topics that are interesting. I also think I can come up with a basic template. For example, the first paragraph with a thesis, 3 body paragraphs and a solid conclusion. Another thing I think is a current strength is the usage of transition words. Transition words such as furthermore, moreover, and in addition. I really enjoy writing personal experiences more than any other papers.
I have various challenges when it comes to writing. The first being sentence fluency.…

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