My Writing Process Has Improved Over The Last 4 Months Essay

813 Words Dec 1st, 2016 4 Pages
I believe my writing process has improved over the last 4 months. Through both English 105 and English 106 I have greatly improved my writing ability starting with the “freewriting” process that allows me to get everything I am thinking down on paper in broad strokes. I usually try to do this at least twice during the first part of the weekly assignments. Once I feel I have focused my core message, I usually outline how I want the writing to transition, and what are the reasons or beliefs that led me to the message of the writing. After everything is outlined I would transition to my rough draft process. This process will usually highlight if I need more research, or to refocus my idea further. If I run out of ideas or things to explain after a few sentences, I will often revert back to completing more research, and find where any additional information would fit in and support my outline. Quite often the my original idea doesn’t full develop the way I had intended, and I am forced to shift my main source material to a more “supporting” role within the overall writing.
Once rough drafts are complete, I write my finalized essay and submit this for peer review. Usually my wife will review everything from the finer points of the writing to the overall message. This is where I discover if the message I am writing is missing the point, or lacks one completely. Once those changes are made, I will do a final review, conduct a plagiarism check on my writing, and submit the final…

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